Adding Much-Needed Variety To Your Fitness Routine


Everyone knows that physical fitness is crucial.  It is the bedrock that supports the other activities of the body and the mind.  But it’s often necessary to change things up a little.  It’s too easy to slip into a rut, to fall into a trap of feeling that we’re well-rounded, when we may not be.

And that’s something I see a lot of.

I see a lot of guys focusing too much on one thing, to the detriment of the big picture.  I’m seeing too much focus on weightlifting, and not enough focus on all-around fitness.

Remember that it’s all-around fitness that matters.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love weightlifting and firmly believe that it should be one of your foundations.  But other things matter, too.  And it’s easy to slip into the self-delusion that you’re in shape just because your biceps or pecs look good with a tight t-shirt on.  Some of these guys are laughable.

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