The “Tusculan Disputations” Audiobook Is Now Available

The audiobook of my translation of Cicero’s Tusculan Disputations is now available. Narrated smoothly and beautifully by Saethon Williams (the same narrator of my other translations), this audiobook is a complete and unabridged version of the print edition published in August 2021. Mr. Williams has brought his own authority, sparkle and polish to the dialogues, and I am confident that readers and listeners will find the audiobook to be a source of both enjoyment and understanding.

Tusculan Disputations is considered by many to be Cicero’s richest and most profound philosophical work.

The book is a series of probing dialogues that take place at Cicero’s villa at Tusculum, outside of Rome.

Five topics are debated and discussed: (1) why we should not fear death, (2) how we can endure pain, (3) how we can alleviate distress, (4) what are the other distresses of the mind, and (5) why virtue is needed for a happy life. These topics are some of the most fundamental, basic questions of human existence.

Until now, there has been no complete, annotated, modern translation of this philosophical classic into English in nearly one hundred years. Readers and listeners of this audiobook will find that this translation meets a critical need for an edition that is modern, vigorous, readable, and faithful to Cicero’s unique turns of phrase and moral intensity.



The audiobook can be found by clicking on the image at the top, or on the one below: