Your Defiance Is Your Abundance


We hear a lot, here and there, about creating a “mentality of abundance.”  We read much about how we need to create an “abundance mindset.”

Abundance!  Abundance!  Abundance!  Scream the hype-men, the carnival-barkers, the chest-beaters.  It is a tiresome pantomime.  All under the circus big-top.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!  

Which is fine, as far as it goes, I suppose.  I’m a firm believer in abundance, and its mentality.  I want to roll in abundance, if I can.  I want to eat and drink of it.  If I can.

Gorge myself on it.

But when I hear too much of this abundance talk, I want to grind a grapefruit into someone’s face.  I want to say to the chest-beaters and carnival-barkers:  take your abundance mentality and shove it up your ass.  I prefer a defiant mentality.  My will is my abundance. Continue reading