Lose Your Subsistence, Surrender Your Liberties

Deprivations of property or liberty may proceed by guile or force, or by an admixture of the two.  The trickery of a malicious sovereign must be matched, and exceeded, by the vigilance of his subjects; and no sentinel on the battlements of liberty can afford to relax his guard.  Assurances of benign intentions carry no weight.  What matters are the capabilities conferred by power, and the foreseeable consequences of the sovereign’s actions and policies.

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The Siege Of Acragas


Sicily had numerous Greek cities from very early times.  These were colonial settlements that gradually grew into larger urban centers with the passage of years.  But Sicily’s strategic position in the central Mediterranean meant that it was destined to become a battleground for regional powers.  It was a pattern that would repeat itself down through the centuries.

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