Two Questions From Readers: A Failed Relationship, And A Career Question (Podcast)

In this podcast, we deal with two different questions from two different readers.  The first question is from a girl who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and can’t decide if she should “give it a second chance.”  There are complications.  The second question is from a high school student who wants to know how he can combine a “great books” program with military school.  We offer some thoughts.

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You Need To Think Hard About Your Educational Choices


I wanted to write something in response to some recent articles and commentary I’ve seen from colleagues and friends of mine.  It concerns the subject of college.

Much of this recent commentary, while well-meaning and making valid points, nevertheless paints a picture that is in need of qualification.

So I wanted to share my thoughts.

Is it a waste of time?  Should you go?  Should you go to a trade school?  Should you start working?

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