Xenophon’s Dream, And The Power Of Character

When a man is under the duress of extreme events, he sometimes finds himself wracked by indecision.  He will mull over various courses of action in his head; he will script out different scenarios in his imagination; and he will ponder his predicament from multiple perspectives.  And yet, when he has finished with these troublesome cogitations, he may find a course of action still eludes him; but at some point, a moment of inspiration will arrive to pierce the gloom, and confer on him the guidance he has desperately been seeking.  When this happens, he must unhesitatingly seize the present hour for action, and proceed with his rendezvous with Fate.

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The Mystery Of The Vanishing Men


A recent article on NPR claimed to be mystified by the mass exodus of men from the American workforce.  The numbers really are shocking.  By some measures, it’s even worse than it was during the Great Depression.

What is going on?  Is this an economic matter, or is there something more profound at work?  And how can this spiritual and cultural crisis be reversed?

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