Lecture On “The Dream Of Scipio”: The Out-Of-Body Experience, The Nature of Glory, And The Immortality Of The Soul

This lecture discusses Cicero’s visionary essay The Dream of Scipio which I included at the end of my book Stoic Paradoxes.  It relates a philosophical conversation arising from an out-of-body experience high above the Earth.

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Stoic Paradoxes Is Now Available

My third book, Stoic Paradoxes, is now available on Amazon.  

It is offered in both Kindle edition and in paperback.  Click on the cover image above.

I wanted to use this post to explain what the book is about, and why it is an important addition to the literature on Stoicism.

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The Conquest Of Anxiety And Fear


The foremost lesson of philosophy should be the lesson of perspective.  When I say perspective, I mean the different interpretation of events that can be given from viewing the matter from different vantage points.

What we think is a product of our relative position to an issue.

You say to me, how oppressed I am with earthly worries and anxieties.  I can barely continue in my day-to-day struggle.  I feel overwhelmed by the brutality and iniquity of the world.

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