Coming In January 2016: “Pathways”

In early January 2016 I’ll be releasing a new book called Pathways.

It is a collection of my best essays from 2015, and includes more than 50 separate essays.




Many of these have been enlarged, expanded, or edited.  These are the definitive versions of my best essays from 2015.

I have also included a foreword, extensive footnotes, a topical organization scheme, and a comprehensive index. is no ordinary blog, as readers know.

I deal with many different subjects.  There is real value in having definitive versions of these best essays in one place for easy reading, rigorously organized by topic, and comprehensively indexed.

From the book’s back cover:

Pathways is a collection of Quintus Curtius’s very best short essays from 2015.  Speaking in an original and compelling voice, these essays cover a stimulating variety of subjects in history, philosophy, current events, ethics, biography, physical health, travel, and language.  Pathways offers a rich trove of wisdom gained from harrowing experience, a powerful impression of an expansive worldview, and a timeless inspiration in the turbulent journey of life. 

Quintus Curtius is a trial attorney, traveler, translator, and former Marine officer.  He can be found at

With notes, topical organization, and index.  Published by Fortress of the Mind Publications.

As I’ve said before, 2016 is going to be a big year.

I’ll keep readers posted on details as the publication date approaches.


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