“Pathways” Is Now Available As An Audio Book

My essay collection Pathways is now available as an audio book.  You can click on the icon above for purchase information.  It is available on Amazon and iTunes.  The book contains my best short essays published in 2015 (56 essays in all), and is professionally read by Saethon Williams, who also produced the audio books for On Duties, Sallust, Thirty-Seven, and Pantheon.  I’ve found audio books to be a convenient way for busy people to enjoy good literary content.  You almost feel as if you are participating in a private seminar.

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“Pathways” Is Coming Very Soon

Ast ego curarum vobis arcana mearum

                  Expromam mentisque meae quo pondera vergant.

“But I will reveal to you my secrets, and the weighty matters that oppress my mind.”

–Lucan, Pharsalia VIII.278.


My fourth book, Pathways, will be released within the next ten to fourteen days.  It is a collection of the very best short essays of 2015.

There are 56 essays in all, all of which have been edited, polished, and refurbished, together with an easy-to-locate organizing system.

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Coming In January 2016: “Pathways”

In early January 2016 I’ll be releasing a new book called Pathways.

It is a collection of my best essays from 2015, and includes more than 50 separate essays.




Many of these have been enlarged, expanded, or edited.  These are the definitive versions of my best essays from 2015.

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