Greatness Of Soul: Becoming A Man Of Substance (Podcast)


On Duties deals with a very large number of topics. One of the most important unifying threads of the book is the idea of “greatness of soul.” What is it? Why is it relevant?

Note: The second passage I discuss is On Duties I.44 (I accidentally gave the incorrect citation number in the podcast).

Brought to you by Fortress of the Mind Publications.  This podcast can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Play, and on iTunes.

To learn more about the concept of greatness of soul, as well as dozens of other topics about conduct and decision-making, you should take look at my book On Duties.

8 thoughts on “Greatness Of Soul: Becoming A Man Of Substance (Podcast)

  1. Thank you for this, QC.

    3 A.M. here, and I think I just needed to set my moral compass back to North; This podcast, your calm narration and the precise words you use during the elaboration of concepts are fantastic.

    Brb becoming a man of substance.

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  2. Great stuff, as always. I’ve returned to this one for a second listen.

    I’ve always thought life was a journey of self-improvement in every area, but reading ‘On Duties’ forces me to ask harder questions about myself: do I possess a great soul? Am I a virtuous man? Taking a hard look at myself, what are my failings?

    Thanks for the feast of thought.

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      • Nah, mate. That passage you quote about knowledge for its own sake really hits home for me. I’m guilty of a kind of observational detachment from the world a lot of the time.

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