Three Reader Questions Discussed (Podcast)


In this podcast episode, we address the following reader questions:

1. Are men becoming “infantilized” in today’s society?
2. What is the difference between a “loser” and someone who is just going through a rough period?
3. Do women “dislike” male self-improvement?

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8 thoughts on “Three Reader Questions Discussed (Podcast)

  1. Great podcast, as usual.

    To my eyes, losers have many criticisms, but offer no passions. They have smug arrogance about the limited knowledge they possess so lack curiousity about unfamiliar information. They seek contentment, not challenge. Solitude is preferable to their company, but, luckily, they mostly seek their their own kind, as they repel, not attract non-losers, though they rarely seem to recognise this.

    Their two favoured forms of communication are Snark and Bored Apathy.

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      • What gets me is how they constantly shun greatness and mastery. It used to be that a man of greatness was in inspiration to other guys to try to emulate.

        They dont want to conquer anything. They are just complacent and any bit of a challenge sends terrifies them so much that they do nothing. They want the path of least resistance and to experience comfort without any sacrifice. Its pathetic


  2. The answers given were more than satisfactory, I’m grateful for how you elaborate and provide actionable advice on the reader questions. I am definitely becoming more refined since visiting your site as it looks like my questions more manageable compared to the past.

    You’re right, I just need to relax, head down and continue to sweat it out. I like how you put the “loser” question, I’m not out of the game yet. So just keep going.

    On Duties seems like it will help on some further thoughts I have, I will take it in small sections like you advised.

    Thanks again Quintus.


  3. Great work as always, Quintus

    Following on the question about self-improvement: I think that many people are resistant to self-improvement in others simply because it means change, which most do not like. As for how this relates to the women in one’s life, this fits well with the “get on my bus” analogy that you gave in a previous podcast: they are not interested in your plans to have a bus, they do not want to hear about your problems about getting the right parts to build the bus, they sure as hell are not interested in picking a colour scheme for the bus. They just want to ride the damn bus. Shit tests are often little more than kicking the tyres.

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    • Agreed. People in general get nervous and weird when they see others taking steps to better themselves. It’s a well-known dynamic. This is because it holds up a mirror to those who are too lazy to take any action to do anything positive. So you’re going to get a bit of this always, from women or men.

      But my experience has been that a girl you’re dating or going out with will want you to be the best you can be. Women don’t want to be with someone who is a low-value bottom-feeder. Even the girls who like thugs and criminals, for example, will want their man to be the best thug or criminal he can be. (Remember Bonnie and Clyde?)

      The thing is that women don’t really know how to give a man guidance on how to be a man. You have to get that from other men, or from the wisdom of the great men of the past. That’s what I’ve tried to present to readers in my books.


      • Absolutely. They want to know that the whole adventure is worth their effort. And the Bonnie & Clyde reference is spot-on: whatever you are, no half-measures. Martin Luther King’s “street sweeper” speech rings true here. At the same time, women are generally not interested in your plans to be the best version of yourself: they are interested in the final product. Actions, not words.

        And you’re right. A man cannot ask a woman for guidance on being a man: a mistake that far too many of us have made in the past. The reasons why are unimportant, all that matters is that we take up the task of correcting this.


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