Travel Advice For A Young Man. Looking For Sympathy (Podcast)


In this podcast episode we focus on two different questions.  In the first question, we look at some of the most valuable tips for a young guy in his 20s who has never traveled before.

In the second question, we look at the dynamics of what happens when a man looks for sympathy from his woman after suffering some serious reversal.

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4 thoughts on “Travel Advice For A Young Man. Looking For Sympathy (Podcast)

    • Exactly. I tried to pick out the big points to emphasize. But the really important thing for young men (and women) is just to get out there and start doing it. You will learn from trial and error, and as you move forward.


  1. Good podcast with respect to the sympathy section of the podcast.

    Haha, wished this came out a little before, I was just discussing this with a girl I was seeing at a time I was off my game and at a time where I was once questioning my purpose in life. Lesson learned. Don’t do it. Shot myself in the foot but I’ll have a little laugh, recover and move on.

    In the coming future I will likely be writing to you again but on the subject of goodness. I also remember you advising me to always try to make the good choice and that a man’s journey can be a lonely one, however I am still currently experiencing some inner conflict relating to the two topics.


  2. Thank you for your words of advice, sir. I will make sure that I put them to good use.



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