The Surrealistic World Of Michael Porfirio (Podcast)

This podcast is a change of pace. I talk about one of my favorite Twitter accounts, the account of @MichaelPorfirio, and I discuss why I think it actually has, in its own distinctive surrealistic way, legitimate artistic merit.
Sometimes we need to be thrown curve balls here and there, to keep us all on our toes.


This podcast can be heard in iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Google Play.


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9 thoughts on “The Surrealistic World Of Michael Porfirio (Podcast)

  1. MPM quotes are like this hilarious dogwhistle circulating through Twitter feeds. Every time I see some variation of ‘soy’, ‘weesh’ or ‘Big Numbers’ I just smile: “yep, there’s a Michael Porfirio reader”. Eventually it will be common parlance without knowing anything about him.

    His blog appears to be behind a paywall now, but I remember finding it through Hawaiian Libertarian six or seven years ago. The G Manifesto is over-the-top but nearly all the early RedPill blogs were, really. It’s the continuing story of a man living the Alpha life who’s never heard of Heartiste – and refuses to look it up.

    I’m glad to see somebody covering Michael Porfirio, and you’re right, it’s thoroughly modern art.

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  2. Great overview mr. Quintus Curtius! His is by far the most fun twitter-account I follow/lurk. I catch myself using his terms in public sadly or luckily they never get my reference. I think you made the right decision with regards to podcasting this unusual subject. Hope it won’t be the last!

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  3. His posts make me smile.

    Further, he doesn’t just create this evocative world, he makes you want to be a part of it. Yes, it is ridiculously over the top, but that just sharpens the contrast between normality and what could be. One of my aims is to go and live by the sea, thanks to reading his tweets I have gone from wanting to live in Cape Town to preferring to live more in a small town or “village” by the sea. This came about purely from the language around describing his fiefdom. It painted a picture in my mind. A picture that I would like to realise.

    I found him through Quintus. Thank you for that

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