Ringing In 2020: A New G Manifesto Tweet Reading

We’re ringing in the new year with another G Manifesto tweet reading (even though he’s already in 2022). The topics are: custom suits, nootropics, game meats, mountain villages, ocean swims, beautiful girls, and avoiding weesh dudes. What more can be said? Kick back, have a drink or two, and laugh along with us! Life is too short!

(Most will never get something like this).

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Another Michael Porfirio Tweet Reading (Podcast)

If you are not laughing, you are not fully enjoying life.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a G Manifesto (Twitter:  @MichaelPorfirio) tweet reading. But popular demand can’t be ignored, so I decided to put another podcast out with some of his most recent tweets.  The laughter is nonstop…listen for yourself.

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Moonlight Baboon Podcast: Courage And Recklessness. And Some Tweet Readings.

In this podcast, we discuss a reader’s email asking about the differences between courage and recklessness. What are the parameters? And how do we know when we have gone too far?
We then close with more G Manifesto tweet readings.

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A Relationship Question, And More G Manifesto Tweet Readings (Podcast)

This podcast is in two parts. The first part deals with a good question I received today from a girl who emailed me about a relationship question.  She wants to know the best way to break up with a guy.  The second part is a reading of some G Manifesto tweets, just to have a few laughs.  Listen to these amusing tweets, as I try to control my laughter.

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When To Deliver A Rebuke, And When To Have Fun

There are times when a leader must deliver a sharp rebuke to someone in order to get him or her back on the right track. It is a technique that has to be used carefully, as it is not appropriate for every situation. We relate an anecdote in which the holy man Athanasios of Athos used it effectively.
We then turn to some irreverent fun, with a reading of some of the tweets of the G Manifesto (on Twitter: @MichaelPorfirio).

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The Porfirio Effect (Podcast)

Coconut debris, machetes, game meats, natural oils, custom suits, and the whole 9 yards. This authorized podcast goes into more details about the themes talked about in my last podcast, “The Surrealistic World of Michael Porfirio.” We delve deeper to extract the timeless lessons for the modern man, and explain the nuances.

The rest is up to you.

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