The Porfirio Effect (Podcast)

Coconut debris, machetes, game meats, natural oils, custom suits, and the whole 9 yards. This authorized podcast goes into more details about the themes talked about in my last podcast, “The Surrealistic World of Michael Porfirio.” We delve deeper to extract the timeless lessons for the modern man, and explain the nuances.

The rest is up to you.


This podcast is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Google Play.


Read On Duties today:

2 thoughts on “The Porfirio Effect (Podcast)

  1. Loved the follow-up mr. Quintus Curtius!

    In case you speak to The Peoples Champ again: can you ask him for a twitter-thread full of advice aimed specifically at twenty-somethings who fear becoming Weesh. Everything/anything from health and finance to recommended reading would be very much appreciated.

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