“Pathways” Is Now Available As An Audio Book

My essay collection Pathways is now available as an audio book.  You can click on the icon above for purchase information.  It is available on Amazon and iTunes.  The book contains my best short essays published in 2015 (56 essays in all), and is professionally read by Saethon Williams, who also produced the audio books for On Duties, Sallust, Thirty-Seven, and Pantheon.  I’ve found audio books to be a convenient way for busy people to enjoy good literary content.  You almost feel as if you are participating in a private seminar.

Speaking in an original and compelling voice, these essays cover an amazing variety of subjects in history, philosophy, ethics, biography, physical health, travel, and language.

Pathways offers a rich trove of wisdom gained from harrowing experience, a powerful impression of an expansive worldview, and a timeless inspiration in the turbulent journey of life.

(Cover art is from a photograph taken by the author at the house of Benjamin Constant in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.)