Travel Tips And Impressions: Athens, Greece

In this podcast we cover travel tips and impressions learned from my recent trip to Athens. The following areas are covered:

Useful suggestions (Shoes, hotel, suitcase, money, etc.)

Suggested itineraries

Impressions of the country


Language tips if you don’t know Greek




This podcast is available in iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Google Play.  Click here to choose an option.


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2 thoughts on “Travel Tips And Impressions: Athens, Greece

  1. Now that you mention it, a nice suitcase that could roll would be ideal. I use a gym bag myself but the bag is usually ruined by the end of a month of taking it around.

    Is Athens very crowded? Did you notice any huge influx of Syrian migrants / is it safe there right now?

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    • Well of course every city has its good and bad areas, but on the whole I found the “feel” to Athens reasonably safe. You want to take normal precautions, of course, but there is predatory menace in the streets at night.


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