The Hardcover Edition Of “On Moral Ends” Is Now Available

The hardcover version of the groundbreaking new translation of Cicero’s On Moral Ends is now available.  It can be found on AmazonBarnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Books-A-Million, and many other retailers as well.  Let me know if you have any questions or issues.  Some people prefer hardcover for important literary works, so I wanted to accommodate these requests.

I have been very impressed by the production values and overall quality of the hardcover edition.  This is a book that will last for a long, long time.  This first edition (editio prima) is a beautiful book, bound in cloth and with a sturdy, descriptive dust jacket.  The binding is very durable, the paper thick and strong, and the photographs are of a very high resolution.  Here are some photos of the book:

Any questions about the book can be directed to


7 thoughts on “The Hardcover Edition Of “On Moral Ends” Is Now Available

  1. Looking forward to getting the hardback version, already have the softbound, reading that you can see all the hard work that went into this book. Thank you for making available and for providing free shipping. That’s a nice touch.

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  2. Mine is on the way. Very much looking forward to it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the translations of “Stoic Paradoxes” and “On Duties” that I’ve read thus far. I have a question regarding information about Cicero himself. Can you point me in the direction of any authorities who have written on his life in a more general sense? Perhaps any works that have more to do with his experience in court and with the state during his lifetime, or even a quality biographical work? Thank you in advance.


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    • Cameron: Thank you very much for your support. I do appreciate it. I’m very, very satisfied with the hardcover editions. The paper is high quality, the bindings permanent and durable, and the dust jacket sturdy and thick. The key thing also is this: the photos are very high resolution.

      Here are some photos of the harcover:

      Now about Cicero. There are several biographies of him you can find on Amazon, but I think Anthony Everitt’s is a good place to start. Don’t overlook Plutarch as well. He did a very fine biographical sketch of the consul, and it really resonates.


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