Some Recommended Movies And Programs (Podcast)

In this podcast we discuss some good movies and programs I’ve seen recently. “Dark Waters” (2019) is a legal drama dealing with corporate malfeasance, and “The Confession Killer” (2019) is a gripping documentary about how the Henry Lee Lucas serial killer investigation was handled. In some ways, the message of both of them is the same: justice does not come automatically, but has to be fought for by courageous people.


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Read more in the new translation of Lives of the Great Commanders, now available in audio book:

3 thoughts on “Some Recommended Movies And Programs (Podcast)

  1. QC, Thanks for the rant (which I very much agree with, our young men need all the help they can get) Listening to the podcast gets one thinking about your recent translation and how applicable it is to many of the things you’re talking about, human nature hasn’t really changed much in 2500 years. (Lives of the Great Commanders)
    Tying into this how about a review of Ford vs Ferrari, a movie about men doing things in the 60’s. Saw it recently on the big screen. Great movie.
    Love the site, please keep up the good work.

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  2. I believe getting involved and fighting back is pointless, because the outcome (corruption, erosion of natural beauty and degradation of the human spirit) is inevitable and invariable.

    However, I am going to try and publish my own book, and get involved with people who think like me, because if the outcome is the same regardless, then what do I have to lose but time?

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    • I agree with you. When I was saying “fight back,” I did not necessarily mean that people should get into politics. I just meant that we should do positive and productive things to influence our own immediate environment. Just by doing that, you are making a difference.


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