Recife, Brazil At Night

We took a boat ride in Recife last night.  It was really just a short ride from one part of the city to the historic downtown area, which was surprisingly alive, considering that it was Christmas Day.  I sampled a lot of the street food, as is my usual habit.  One interesting thing I noticed was that whenever the boat passed under a bridge, the passengers clapped in unison.  I supposed this was a local custom, perhaps having its origin as a way of warding off bad luck, or giving thanks for continued safety.  No one I spoke to seemed to know the origin of the custom.

Below are the photos.



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2 thoughts on “Recife, Brazil At Night

  1. My Dad told me, that when he was a kid, in the thirties, he got to travel down to Rio on the PanAm Clipper. I can see why Recife was such an important stop. It looks like the Clipper could park next to the hotel.

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