You Have To Make The Call (Podcast)

When you are leading, you have to make the big decisions.  You have to make the call, not sit back, judge the prevailing winds, and cover your ass.  If you are unwilling to put yourself on the line, you are a worthless leader and have no business being there.  In this podcast, we discuss:

1. Why you need to know your job and lead from the front.
2. Why your total focus should be on your obligations, not your privileges.
3. Why the ass-covering mentality is so destructive.



This podcast is available in iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, and YouTube.




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6 thoughts on “You Have To Make The Call (Podcast)

  1. I agree with your statements about the leaders being put in charge of USA, same issues as here in European Union, absolutely a joke to say the least. I dont know how much worse these leaders can get but the future for people is not pretty as you have stated, and will be a sad sight to see!

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  2. Been quite a while since I’ve read your blog. Should have come by sooner.

    This is a Good listen. I needed to hear that in my tiny patch of responsibility. All the best to you in this time

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  3. Same thing’s happening up here. A preening, post human head of government floating above it all and a horde of enablers. His tone of voice in the daily pressers makes my skin crawl.

    The provincial authorities are for the most part handling things competently. The fawning cravenness is absent. Or at least that’s how the media have managed its presentation.

    But decades of neglect in the geriatric care sector is coming home to roost. Funny how events like this expose the ninnies as well as hidden reservoirs of common sense in people you’ve overlooked.

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