“Should I Reopen A Closed Chapter?” (Podcast)

A reader reaches out to ask a question that’s been troubling him.  He was recently re-contacted by an ex-girlfriend from several years ago.  She appears to want to start over again with him, but he has his doubts and hesitations.  Should he re-open this closed chapter of his life, or should he keep his distance?  We discuss.



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3 thoughts on ““Should I Reopen A Closed Chapter?” (Podcast)

  1. Jane Austen’s Persuasion is the classic example of the woman who is nostalgic for a relationship that was broken by circumstance. Whether to reconnect would depend on whether the circumstances had changed.

    What I’m curious about is when the circumstance (on the lady’s part) is the breakup coming from the man who wanted to play the field, and so broke it off, since she wanted marriage and children with a husband, and he wanted a temporary social-sexual convenience.

    From the gents’ perspective, assuming, older and wiser, does it ever work out with the such women years later?


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