We Don’t Know The Struggles That Other People Have (Podcast)


A recent experience reminded me that we often don’t appreciate the struggles that others have gone through, or the burdens that they may be carrying.  Perspective is one of the first lessons of philosophy, and we should make an effort to get outside our own skin and see things from the perspectives of others.  Being too quick to judge others is a fault that many of us must work to overcome.

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Why Is Charity Important? (Podcast)

Why is charity important?  How can we best channel our charitable impulses?  Are some ways better than others?  And what are some of the pitfalls we should be aware of?

We discuss the answers in this podcast.

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How To Show Kindness Through Charity


Charity, kindness, and other acts of benevolence may be far from your mind.  The pressures and confusions of life can weigh on us, and prevent us from seeing the need to help others.

The degree to which one is disposed to think of such things often depends on his age and station in life. Yet for most of us, there will come a time when we will want to give something back to those who have, in some small way, enabled us to make our own progress.

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