We Don’t Know The Struggles That Other People Have (Podcast)


A recent experience reminded me that we often don’t appreciate the struggles that others have gone through, or the burdens that they may be carrying.  Perspective is one of the first lessons of philosophy, and we should make an effort to get outside our own skin and see things from the perspectives of others.  Being too quick to judge others is a fault that many of us must work to overcome.


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3 thoughts on “We Don’t Know The Struggles That Other People Have (Podcast)

  1. Dear Quintus, just listened to this podcast as I took my daily cardio walk session and could not agree with you more.

    This is because I work in the medical field where the people are also not very happy when they have to see you.

    Sometimes I’d like to roar at the patients I am treating due to their behavior until they divulge their entire story – of the disease, of pain, of loss and then the only thing I’d like to do, and do, is to give them reassurance that I’ll help as much as I can in order to help them alleviate their suffering.

    Thank you for your honest words,

    whenever I see an update in my Podcast section on my iPhone and see that it is you I am happy because I know that soon I’ll be treated to a good story which will contain a valuable lesson.

    Keep it up!

    Theodore ‘Theo’ Locke (Guriko)

    P.S. Thanks to you and other neomasculine authors I’ve read during the last years I’ve decided and took the plunge by starting my own blog!

    Thank you and I wish you all the best!

    Yours sincerely,


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