The Emperor Julian Cleans House With Bold Reforms

When a new leader assumes a position, it is often necessary for him to undertake significant reforms.  If he wishes to make lasting changes to the system, he should undertake to do so both quickly and boldly.  To wait too long is to risk seeing one’s foes united against you; and when embarking on a course of reform, it must be made clear that the old ways of doing things will no longer do.  Bold adjustments are often more effective than half-hearted measures.

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One Rule For Themselves, And One Rule For Us


Regardless who wins the presidential election of 2016, it is certain that insider dealings and conflicts of interest (or, in plain English, corruption) will remain integral components of the Washington political system.  Those who have been tasked with serving the people use their tenure in office to enrich themselves and their families, and care nothing about the fate of those they are supposed to be serving.

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