Questions About Carelessness, Frivolity, And Career Choices (Podcast)


This podcast answers unrelated questions from two different readers:

1. What did I mean in a certain sentence from “Thirty-Seven”?

2. What guidance should a young guy get who isn’t sure he’s in the right career?

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3 thoughts on “Questions About Carelessness, Frivolity, And Career Choices (Podcast)

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Decisions such as these are not to be taken likely regards of what the fairytale stories may say.

    I am currently a similar feeling but more due to the frustrations surrounding my university degree such as large amounts of childish behaviour from my fellows.

    I would say work on other interests in your spare time. Currently I am helping out in an online business that is still in its infancy. I also have been invited for an opportunity in the investing section (my area is medical) where I have the chance to go to an academy to learn from well known investment directors.

    Large changes in direction cannot be taken lightly. If I changed my field I would most likely not be met with resistance by my parents but I would be questioned that I should have done finance to begin with and not wasting my time.

    Your late teens to late twenties is where I feel you have the most energy to take action, however sometimes we just have to stick with it a little longer and ride out whatever doubts we may have.


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