The Complete G Manifesto Tweet Readings

Bookmark this page. In one place, you have links to every G Manifesto tweet reading. The first one was made in 2018, and the last in 2020. Since the G Man has deleted his Twitter account and blog, I consider these tweet readings to be an important part of the historical record on one of the great internet personalities of recent years. I also feel I played a role in introducing his account to a wider audience. And not only are you hearing the tweets themselves, but you’re hearing them read by me. Enjoy. May he return to us soon.

The Surrealistic World Of Michael Porfirio

The Porfirio Effect

The Porfirio Insight: Knowing Where You Came From, And Where You’re Going

The Reality Of The G Manifesto

Moonlight Baboon Podcast: Courage And Recklessness, And Some Tweet Readings

Another Michael Porfirio Tweet Reading

The G Manifesto Tweet Readings: Herd Immunity Edition

G Manifesto Tweet Reading: Lockdown Edition

Ringing In 2020: A New G Manifesto Tweet Reading

Fortaleza After Action Report, And Some G Manifesto Tweet Readings

A Relationship Question, And More G Manifesto Tweet Readings

When To Deliver A Rebuke, And When To Have Fun



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