Six Points About Balancing Passion And Practicality In Educational Choices (Podcast)

A reader has some questions about giving his son advice on educational and career choices. He is torn between emphasizing what is “practical” and what he feels “passionate” about. Which one is more important? And if given the option, which one should be emphasized?

I offer six points that might help him in coming to his own conclusions.

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How Should I Decide What Career Path To Take? (Podcast)


A 23-year-old reader in a European country is undecided what career path to take. He has narrowed down his choices training in art or training in law. But he’s not sure which one is best for him. I offer my own thoughts, and then some thoughts gleaned from my translation of Cicero’s On Duties (which is now available on Amazon.)

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Questions About Carelessness, Frivolity, And Career Choices (Podcast)


This podcast answers unrelated questions from two different readers:

1. What did I mean in a certain sentence from “Thirty-Seven”?

2. What guidance should a young guy get who isn’t sure he’s in the right career?

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