How Should I Decide What Career Path To Take? (Podcast)


A 23-year-old reader in a European country is undecided what career path to take. He has narrowed down his choices training in art or training in law. But he’s not sure which one is best for him. I offer my own thoughts, and then some thoughts gleaned from my translation of Cicero’s On Duties (which is now available on Amazon.)

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4 thoughts on “How Should I Decide What Career Path To Take? (Podcast)

  1. Art. He will be poor but happy pursuing his talent and passion. If he chooses law he will end up selling his soul, as all lawyers eventually do if they stay on it long enough. What price for a soul?

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    • I’m not sure the outlook is that bleak, John. Like I said, he has plenty of time to decide what he wants to do. Either one of those educations will do him good. What matters is: which one is most right for him at this point in his life?


  2. My suggestion may be interpreted as indecisive, impractical or pragmatic depending on the reader’s perspective. And the suggestion is…. do both. In this uncertain and dynamic world, one’s career is subject to rapid shifts in the economy. Perhaps diversifying into two seemingly disparate fields will insulate one’s career from the winds of fate.

    I’m doing something similar myself. Check with me in two years to see if I’ve crashed and burned or succeeded wildly!

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  3. Of course my suggestion assumes that this young man has the innate aptitude for both law and art, which would make him a rare individual.

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