When To Deliver A Rebuke, And When To Have Fun

There are times when a leader must deliver a sharp rebuke to someone in order to get him or her back on the right track. It is a technique that has to be used carefully, as it is not appropriate for every situation. We relate an anecdote in which the holy man Athanasios of Athos used it effectively.
We then turn to some irreverent fun, with a reading of some of the tweets of the G Manifesto (on Twitter: @MichaelPorfirio).


This podcast is available in Soundcloud, iTunes, GooglePlay, and YouTube.


Read more in the seminal translation of Cicero’s On Duties:

3 thoughts on “When To Deliver A Rebuke, And When To Have Fun

  1. Strictly speaking, Mount Athos isn’t a monastery, but a long peninsula 30 miles long and 4-7 miles wide with 20 monasteries (some of them reserved for specific branches of orthodoxy like the Serbian or Russian ones,) many communities attached to a monastery but living elsewhere, and many sketes or unincorporated monastic communities and then also plenty of hermits.

    For people with adequate maturity and education, it’s well worth visiting.

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    • Thanks for pointing this out, Steven. I got the impression (don’t know if it’s correct) from his biography that in Athanasios’s day, there was only one or two actual buildings on the peninsula.


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