The Top Ten Articles Of 2022

Year’s end is a time of reflection. We survey the landscape, and evaluate the passage of time. The ten most popular articles of 2022 are listed below. Some of them are surprises; others, less so. If you have not had a chance to check these pieces out, now might be a good time. The list below is arranged in order of the number of views, starting at the top.

The Complete G Manifesto Tweet Readings

The Rise And Fall Of Empires: Ibn Khaldun’s Theory Of Social Development

Machiavelli’s Three Key Concepts

Our Favorite Movies Of All Time

Edgar Allan Poe’s Sinister Inspiration For “The Cask Of Amontillado”

The Mysterious Death Of Lord Kitchener

The Dark Themes Of Film Noir, And Why They Matter Today

On Whether Alexander Could Have Conquered Rome

The Moral Corruption Of The Elites

Never Get Out Of The Boat, Unless You’re Going All The Way