8 Things Every Hiker Should Carry


Summer is a time for outdoor activity.  Many of us will find ourselves hiking, camping, or just going on long walks.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to make up a list of what I consider the most important things a hiker should have in his possession.

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How One Man Turned His Life Around


We read so many media stories about how we have to “accept” or “deal with” mediocrity, or even things worse than mediocrity. It has all become so routine as to pass almost without comment. But every now and then an inspiring story will get the attention that it deserves.

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10 Tips For Successfully Using Airbnb


The explosive growth of Airbnb has been impressive, to say the least. Like many “platform” businesses, it was initially created out of necessity. It all started in 2007, when two designers, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, began to have problems making the rent payments on their San Francisco apartment. They thought they could turn their loft into a “rental space,” but felt that existing platforms like Craigslist were not the right way to advertise the space.

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Edward Jenner’s Discovery Of The Smallpox Vaccine


Smallpox ranks among the world’s most terrible diseases. Over the centuries, it has killed or scarred hundreds of millions of people. It seems to have originated in the tropical zones of sub-Saharan Africa or India, and spread along trade routes to China and Europe. Virologists suspect that the disease was a mutation of a pox-like virus that afflicted domesticated animals.

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The Persistence Of Guilt, And How To Get Rid Of It

I saw the new film MacBeth (starring Michael Fassbender) at the Botafogo district of Rio de Janeiro a couple nights ago.  I recommend it highly, as the production values are incredible and the pulse of the drama is intense.  I don’t consider myself a big Shakespeare fan.  I like a few of the major plays (Hamlet, MacBeth, etc.) but many of the others I find to be tedious.

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How To Prepare Korean Roasted Barley Tea And Roasted Corn Tea

This is a cold time of the year where I live.  Sometimes I’m reminded of the time I spent in Korea many years ago, and of the great food I used to eat there.

I like to haunt Asian food stores every now and then, to take me back to the old days.

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Six Men’s Health Topics You Should Know Something About


I was talking to my father on the phone earlier today.  He was telling me that he had been speaking recently to another man he knew.  It had been a sad conversation with this friend of his.

This man had suddenly discovered he had serious health problems.  Basically, he found out that he had prostate cancer issues.

“You know, it’s amazing,” he told me.  “There is all this push in the culture here for awareness of women’s health issues.  We hear about breast cancer awareness week.  We hear about how we should care about female slavery in the Third World.  We hear about how we should care about reproductive rights.  We hear about how we should care about all things about women’s health.

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