Keep Moving Forward, No Matter What Happens (Podcast)

We discuss the importance of continuing to move forward, no matter what happens, and no matter how many bad things happen to you. Everyone’s luck changes for the better sooner or later, and you have to be in the game when it happens.  We compare and contrast the experiences of Nikki Sixx of the rock band Motley Crüe with that of television personality Anthony Bourdain.  We close by reading a few tweets from the G Manifesto.

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The Tale Of The Two Ministers: Redemption Through Patience And Faith

The following tale is told by Ibn Zafar al-Siqilli (“The Sicilian”) in his political and ethical treatise سلوان المطاع في عدوان الأتباع (The Consolation of the Ruler in Dealing with His Subjects’ Hostility).  The story’s purpose is to emphasize the importance that faith and endurance play in the fates of princes.  We should note that Ibn Zafar does not advocate a passive resignation or inaction in the face of hardship.  Instead he counsels us to do all we can to resolve our problems; but once one has exhausted his actionable remedies, he must submit himself to the workings of Fate.  In this he is very much like the Stoic sages who preceded him by so many centuries.

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Even After Catastrophes, Life Goes On


I received an email last week from a young man who has been worried about the headlines in the news.  He was wondering where all the daily diet of disasters, negativity, and upheaval would lead.  I wanted to respond to this concern.  We tend to underestimate the ability of the human mind to cope with stress, hardship, and disaster.

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