Wisdom, Intelligence, Education, And Leaving A Job


We deal with a few recent questions from readers.  They are:

1. What are the differences between wisdom and intelligence?

2. Is the educational system becoming more commercialized?

3.  Is modern education too commercial?

4. I left a bad employment situation and don’t really know how to feel about it. What should I do?


Much more detail about wisdom, education, intelligence, and related subjects can be found in Stoic Paradoxes.  Click below for more information:

4 thoughts on “Wisdom, Intelligence, Education, And Leaving A Job

    • True, but there will always be people who need education with meat and substance. The lightweight garbage will always be out there, but those who seek the real thing will still be able to find it.


  1. Excellent piece as usual once again, I always appreciated your ability to convert my more abstract thinking into more coherent and actionable advice for other listeners.

    As the Financier stated, there’s not much we can do about the commercialisation of education which is slightly unfortunate. As you previously said to me, life is game just play it.


  2. Book learning is not the same as wisdom
    Plenty of PhDs lack wisdom
    Wisdom often has little to do with education
    It is an innate understanding of how things work.

    If American education is commercialized it is to benefit Corporate America not the country.
    The weakness in American education is the lack of a standard curriculum which means that a High School diploma only proves that the student has attended HS, but provides no information as to what he/she has learned. Ergo an American HS diploma does not allow entry into any European university.
    Unfortunately American education ranks poorly compared to the rest of the Western world.
    Multiple choice doesn’t teach much. It certainly does not make the student THINK and that is where we need to go….Make people THINK


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