The Most Popular Posts At Fortress Of The Mind For 2019

It’s inventory and round-up time of the year again:  time to do some record-keeping and list the most viewed posts here at Fortress of the Mind.  The list below is a pure ranking.  It includes not only essays, but also podcasts.  The first post listed (“A G Manifesto Tweet Reading”) was number one, and is followed sequentially to number ten (“What Did A Roman Triumph Actually Look Like?”)  Check out the ones you might have missed, or revisit your favorites.

The continuing popularity of the G Manifesto tweet readings shows no sign of abating, even after multiple podcasts.  The two most viewed posts are podcasts featuring his tweet readings.  The coming year will see more of them, you can be sure.

A G Manifesto Tweet Reading

The Reality Of The G Manifesto

The Armor Of Virtue

Ponta Delgada, San Miguel, The Azores

On Living Near The Ocean

The Pitfalls And Vices Of Old Age

The Five Protecting Companions

The Moderation And Control Of Anger

The Sword Of Mars

What Did A Roman Triumph Actually Look Like?



Read more in my translation of Cicero’s Stoic Paradoxes: