The Top 11 Essays And Podcasts Of 2020 At Fortress Of The Mind

As 2020 staggers to a close, it is time to review the year’s eleven most viewed essays and podcasts here at Fortress of the Mind.  The misery of the year’s events was in some way mitigated by its productivity in writing.  I list them below, in descending order.  Now would be a good opportunity to catch up on any that you may have missed, or to visit a favorite once again.  Here is the list:

My Favorite Films Of The Past 20 Years

Seven Pillars Of A Noble Youth

Never Surrender What Is Most Important

Ringing In 2020:  A New G Manifesto Tweet Reading (Podcast)

The Monkey Atop The Ship’s Mast, And How To Deal With Him

In Trying To Avoid One Harm, You May Cause A Worse One

The Power Of Physical Gestures

The Gravitation Of Noble Souls

Getting Your Mind Right (Podcast)

The Insanity Of The Daughters Of Proteus

Sooner Or Later, Everyone Must Take A Side


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