Video Review Of “On Duties” Translated By Quintus Curtius

Today Mr. Andrew Vittoria released a very detailed and cogent You Tube video review of my On Duties.  Readers seeking an in-depth and reasoned commentary will no doubt find this video useful.  I have embedded the video below.

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Conduct, Obligations, And Decision-Making: Details Of My New Book “On Duties” (Podcast)

This podcast discusses my new book, On Duties.  It is the most explanatory, readable, and well-organized translation of Cicero’s classic that is available in English, and perhaps in any language.  In this podcast, I provide the three reasons why this is so. I also discuss the great theme running through the book: the idea of greatness of spirit.

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Stoic Paradoxes Is Now Available

My third book, Stoic Paradoxes, is now available on Amazon.  

It is offered in both Kindle edition and in paperback.  Click on the cover image above.

I wanted to use this post to explain what the book is about, and why it is an important addition to the literature on Stoicism.

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Onde a história, a ciência e a biologia se cruzam (A Reader’s Translation)

A reader has translated one of my recent articles that was published here on June 7 (“Where History, Biology, And Religion Intersect“) into Portuguese for publication on his blog.  I thought that was pretty cool.  He sent me the link, and I wanted to share it.

“Onde a história, a ciência e a biologia se cruzam”

Here’s the link

Great work, Miguel.

It’s all about spreading the love around…