Coming In December 2018: A New Annotated And Illustrated Translation Of Cicero’s “On Moral Ends”

In December, Fortress of the Mind Publications will be releasing my new annotated and illustrated translation of Cicero’s work On Moral Ends (De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum).  This announcement will provide some details about the book and what it contains.

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Video Review Of “On Duties” Translated By Quintus Curtius

Today Mr. Andrew Vittoria released a very detailed and cogent You Tube video review of my On Duties.  Readers seeking an in-depth and reasoned commentary will no doubt find this video useful.  I have embedded the video below.

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The Fortress Of The Mind

[Author’s Note:  This essay first appeared in published form in February 2015 as a chapter of my book Pantheon.  Since I use the phrase Fortress of the Mind as my motto and colophon, I wanted readers to know its origin and special significance to me.]

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Pantheon: Adventures In History, Biography, And The Mind


My next book, Pantheon, is nearing completion.  It is expected to be released in late March or early April 2015.  Like Thirty-Seven, it will also be a collection of essays.  The themes of the book are:  redemption through suffering, the importance of masculine character, victory through perseverance, the finding of a moral purpose, and the glory of struggle.

But this is a more ambitious project than my previous effort.  A conscious effort has been made to examine sources in their original languages.  There are some efforts at historical fiction, as well as philosophical dialogues.  Most differently, I have summarized and condensed the entire text (all fifty-four treatises) of Plotinus’s Enneads.  It almost forms a book-within-a-book.  The Enneads is the foundational text of Western mysticism, and I have long felt that a basic knowledge of this subject is essential for any man seeking to journey inward, as well as outward.  Much has been written on the physical journeys required by man; we must now explore the inner journey.

More will be posted as information becomes available.