The Top Ten Articles At Fortress Of The Mind For 2018

The following articles were the most popular at the site in 2018.  There are some surprises here.  For the first time since the site was founded in 2015, a podcast made it to the top ten list.  And not just one podcast, but two of them.  They were “The Surrealistic World of Michael Porfirio” (at no. 3) and “The Porfirio Effect” (at no. 9).  I much appreciated Michael’s feedback in these podcasts, and I’m glad that readers also found them enjoyable.

So here they are, listed in descending order from top to bottom in the number of page views received:

How Benito Mussolini Took Power

Machiavelli’s Three Key Concepts

The Surrealistic World Of Michael Porfirio

Rejecting Cynicism And Nihilism, And Embracing An Ennobling Vision

The Dark Themes Of Film Noir, And Why They Matter Today

Edgar Allan Poe’s Sinister Inspiration For “The Cask Of Amontillado”

The Rise And Fall Of Empires:  Ibn Khaldun’s Theory Of Social Development

The Three Types Of Travel Writing, And Their Uses

The Porfirio Effect

Michael Crichton On The Masculine Virtues Of Sean Connery


2018 was an important year.  On Moral Ends was published, which is an important and extremely useful translation of a long-neglected classic.  Besides the articles mentioned above, numerous other content-driven articles were published here at the site.  We look forward to 2019 with great anticipation.


Read more in Sallust:

2 thoughts on “The Top Ten Articles At Fortress Of The Mind For 2018

  1. Thanks for the update, Quintus

    I found “How to Sight-Read A Foreign Language with Speed And Efficiency” to be actionable and beneficial. I implement these principles on a daily basis, and notice a slow but steady improvement in my foreign language reading and listening comprehension.

    Honorable mentions to: “Xenophon’s Dream”, “What Were The Feudal Obligations Of A Medieval Serf?”; and from the archives “Pure Talent Is Never Enough: The Case Against Leonardo Da Vinci” -I never forgot about that article!

    Wishing you a maximum degree of success in all your endeavours in 2019.


    Liked by 1 person

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